Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Getting it started

So...eventually, I am writing a blog.
Since not everyone of you is on Facebook and as I am really bad with writing emails I thought this might be a good way to communicate and share my experiences - and particularly my pictures :) - with you. So you are most welcomed to comment on postings, pictures and videos and I hope you'll enjoy reading about my travels.
The blog will mainly be written in English so that my friends from all over the world can follow it, as well. Anyway, if you're not happy about this, I'd be glad to tell you in German what is currently happening in my life.

Alright...the introduction is done, so I guess I'll have to write a 'real' post soon...

Stay tuned! :)


  1. Good on ya mate.
    I'm looking forward to read lots of interesting stories. Keep posting!

  2. I would call it "Where the hell..."

    Its so nice of you, thaht you show off with some pics :P

    Hope that your trip will lead you back to Frankfurt some time. Cheers