Samstag, 31. Juli 2010


Since I've been traveling around for quite a bit I was looking forward to go back to Auckland and get back to daily routine. Well, Emirates had something else in mind for me...

After being delayed from Dubai because of some technical problems (always exciting when you're flying for the long haul) we touched ground in Sydney for a two hours stopover...two hours became three...and four..and eventually we were told that our flight was cancelled. This is of course always great for standby-passengers like me (don't get me wrong - apart from that I absolutely enjoy the benefits of traveling on standby!), however, Emirates turned out to have a heart for helpless standby-passengers and compensate for accommodation and food. One night for free in Sydney, not bad.

I gathered up with a few other students I met while waiting, of whom Delphine, Kathleen and Birgit turned out to be new exchange students at AUT and just about to move into my hostel. Delphine, I, and some other acquaintances enjoyed some lunch at our hotel and then went off for some sightseeing. 

The others were quite shagged out after the long flight but since I had a good nights sleep on the plane (am I the only one who can sleep through an 15 hours flight? :) ) I called my beloved friend Rex, who just recently moved from Auckland to Sydney, and met up with him for drinks and dinner. Of course Rex knows all the places-to-be in Sydney and we went to some epic bars downtown - Auckland's a complete joke comparatively (well...not only compared to Sydney though)! After some Cocktail-infusion Rex made me lose my Sushi-virginity. Thanks for that, my friend ;)

Next day I got up very early to catch the flight to Auckland - but no seat left for me. As I said, from time to time it sucks to travel standby. So I met up with Rex again for a beautiful lunch at IKEA. How much I've missed Köttbullar. And Rex surprised me with his marvelous apple rhubarb crumble! You're a true friend, please come back to Auckland (and bring some of that delicious apple rhubarb crumble)!

Later that day I met up with Daria and Fritz from Auckland who just happened to be in Sydney the same weekend. Again, we went to the Opera House and had a little photo-session. Thanks for a nice evening, mates!

Eventually, after a two hours sleep, I could fly back to Auckland the next day.


  1. The photos are awesome, especially the first one. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I'm looking forward to visit Sydney myself.
    And by the way... Nathalie, we will have a lot of sushi in NZ, I hope :)

  2. Hallo....du auch hier?
    Bin jetzt auch mal deiner regelmäßiger Leser Liste beigetreten. Vielleicht kreuzen sich unsere Wege ja in der Zukunft nochmal...naja, noch ist ja etwas Zeit in Auckland ;)

  3. ich habe es tatsächlich geschafft, mich anzumelden!!!! :)
    warst du auch in der tollen oper??
    15 stunden schlafen ist auch für mich kein problem, wir starten die "battle" im februar im zug ;-)